Month: November 2017

Ferry to Genoa

  Click below to watch: Video Transcript: Travel stories are easy because they have a beginning, a middle, and an end. This was the beginning We were in Sardinia. Actually, we were on a little island off the coast of Sardinia called La Maddalena. The island stays connected to the rest of Sardinia with 24… Read more »

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Nice train to Moscow

  In September 2015, I took the train from Nice to Moscow. Video of the journey and my thoughts on the experience below:     Video transcript: I was in Nice, it was fun. But I needed to get back to Moscow. I could have flown, it would have been easier, faster, and cheaper. But… Read more »

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Self-experiment: No Sugar

Sugar Life My mother did not keep much sugar in the house. Usually just a small bowl of sugar to offer guests with their tea or coffee. She never made us desserts, unless fresh fruit counted. I really didn’t mind because I loved eating fruit. After trick-or-treating on Halloween I would save the candy for later.… Read more »

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