Marathon after another marathon

After I finished the Moscow Marathon, I had one burning question: how long should I wait before running another marathon? I didn’t know, but wanted to find out.

I kept thinking about it. I decided to run another marathon on Saturday, exactly 1 week from when I ran my first marathon.

Unfortunately I could not find a marathon for Saturday which still had an open registration, so I decided to plan my own marathon instead.

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The Personal Marathon

I woke up at 5am, ate 2 bananas, drank 2 glasses of water. Then I dressed and started running.

I had not done any running since the Moscow Marathon last weekend, but I did at least 1 hour of stretching each evening. I was relieved my legs felt surprisingly light when I started, and within the first kilometre I was confident I would finish the full marathon distance again.

The route I planned had a lot of new scenery for me. It was interesting to see some different parts of Moscow at a marathon pace. Late September in Moscow is still warm, so I wore the same t-shirt and shorts as the race last weekend.

As with my previous personal marathons, I brought my 600ml water bottle (strapped to my hand) and 2 energy gels.

I had the first energy gel at 20km (12mi), and the second at 31km (19mi).

I only drank when I felt thirsty, which only started around 20km after the first energy gel.

I started this run 4 hours before the previous weekend’s 9am Moscow Marathon start. It was much cooler the entire time and I felt less thirsty.

The last 5km (3mi) were physically grinding. I pushed through the pain and stopped running as soon as the 42.2km (26.2mi) distanced appeared on my smart phone. My water was finished, so I found a convenience store and bought a sports drink and large water bottle. I guzzled both as quickly as possible.

My finish time was 3:35, only about 3 minutes slower than my Moscow Marathon time last weekend. There was no buzz from the crowds, nor energy from other runners, just a quiet satisfaction that I had finished another marathon.

After the Run

At home I had a cold leg bath and then breakfast. My legs felt like they did after the first race, but my back was a bit sorer.

Now I knew it was possible to run marathons on consecutive weekends. My knees didn’t explode, but I felt like I should take a break and not roll the dice again. My legs still felt sore for another 5 days.

This experiment boosted my confidence. I had already started thinking about running further distances than a normal marathon. I was gradually becoming more comfortable with this idea and how I could do it.


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