Eating While Running a Marathon

It had been two months since my last personal marathon. I wanted to do another one. I planned a 22km route to take me from my house in Moscow to meet my friend Hans. Then we would run another 20km on the trails in Filievsky Park for a full marathon distance. It was November in… Read more »

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Marathon after another marathon

After I finished the Moscow Marathon, I had one burning question: how long should I wait before running another marathon? I didn’t know, but wanted to find out. I kept thinking about it. I decided to run another marathon on Saturday, exactly 1 week from when I ran my first marathon. Unfortunately I could not… Read more »

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How I ran a marathon to train for a marathon

“The best way to train for a marathon… is to run a marathon.” – Thomas Jefferson (just kidding) “Second weddings are a triumph of optimism over experience.” – Samuel Johnson A Moment of Clarity I was in the Cotswolds for a friend’s second wedding. His father looked much older than I remembered. My friend’s father… Read more »

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