Month: September 2017

How I ran my first half-marathon

  My first half-marathon was the Moscow Half-Marathon 2015. I had run a half-marathon distance on a treadmill a few times in the past, but never on the street. As I approached the end of my training I pushed out a long run on the street to 22km (13.6mi) just to make sure I could… Read more »

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How I Started Running With Confidence

I needed confidence to run the Moscow Marathon. My previous attempts to run the Moscow Marathon were abandoned before I even started the races. Now I had a confidence deficit. In 2013, an eye exam a month before the marathon revealed retinal tears in both eyes. This required immediate treatment (laser photocoagulation) and several months… Read more »

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How I Almost Ran A Marathon

  The Los Angeles Marathon would be tomorrow. It was 10pm, raining heavily and I was still in San Diego.┬áThe year was 1999 and I was 18 years old. My friend Eric D asked me: “What do you want to do?” He was my only friend who had run a marathon (or two). His accomplishment… Read more »

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