When you want to START or STOP doing something in your life, it’s easier to create a habit. self-experiments are the best way to build new habits. Here’s how to do them successfully, and some of my own self-experiments.


Self-experiment: No Sugar

Sugar Life My mother did not keep much sugar in the house. Usually just a small bowl of sugar to offer guests with their tea or coffee. She never made us desserts, unless fresh fruit counted. I really didn’t mind because I loved eating fruit. After trick-or-treating on Halloween I would save the candy for later.… Read more »

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Self-experiment: No Coffee

My parents are British, we always drank tea. I tried coffee a few times, but I didn’t like it until I was 25. How I Started Drinking Coffee When I was 25, I lived in Sydney. I started going with friends to a cafe in Newtown called Campos. We all ordered coffee. I had one… Read more »

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